'Karim Adel Law Office' is an Egyptian law office that was established in 1939 by the late Dr. Saba Habashi as a pioneer law office in the field of 'International Business Law'. In 1961 the office came under the Management of Mr. Adel Kamel where it continued to grow in expertise and reputation in dealing with issues regarding 'International Business Law'. In 2000, the management of the office was passed to Mr. Karim Adel Kamel,who, to date, is continuing the growth and expansion of the office and increasing the areas of Law in which it deals.

Since its establishment, 'Karim Adel Law Office' has offered a full and comprehensive range of legal services, in Arabic, English and the French languages, to a wide variety of multinational companies and Egyptian entrepreneurs operating in Egypt. These legal services are delivered in
an unquestionably high standard of professional service to its clients.

'Karim Adel Law Office' is very accustomed to working with other law offices in Egypt and internationally when necessary, in order to achieve a successful outcome for its clients. 'Karim Adel Law office' is a safe and reliable choice for anyone in need of legal assistance, as it has proven time and time again for over 70 years and continues to prove today.